• This drink is an absolute lifesaver. There is no way that I will go out without a bottle of LIXIR waiting at home in the fridge.

    Aaron K.

  • This drink is perfect for recovering after a long workout!  

    Jessica G.

  • My wife and I have tried several hangover cures and this is the only one that works.  

    Barkley M.

  • I got terrible headaches after working out until I started drinking LIXIR.  Now my headaches are gone and I actually enjoy working out again!

    Sarah K

  • A detox and rehydrating drink in one.  Please and thank you! 

    Caroline M

  • I always keep LIXIR in the fridge.  I drink it after the gym and for hangovers and its never let me down.  Thanks LIXIR 

    Scott R

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